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Longford International College, Leeds United College and Rushford Business School

The Leeds United College is pleased to announce the launch of a number of international courses in partnership with the James Lind Institute, Rushford Business School and Longford International College.

The School of Sports Management has been created to use the power of sport to help change and shape the world. Sport has the power to inspire and unite people, bringing the best out of individuals to help us contribute to the world in the most meaningful ways possible.

Sport can teach us lessons in leadership, focus, management, fair-play, teamwork, continuous improvement, motivation, and self-reliance. It is not just an activity that lasts for the duration of the activities, but it provides the skills that we bring with us for the rest of our lives.

Together, the hope is to make education available to two main cohorts, including current or retired professional or semi-professional sportsmen and sportswomen who want to upskill themselves and the wider population who either never have the chance of education previously or wish to add to their education and previous qualifications.

There are four courses currently open to applications for young students as part of the School of Sports Management, all to be undertaken online, including an MBA in Football Business, MSc in Advanced Sports Performance, MSc in Sports and Exercise Psychology and Diploma in Sports and Exercise Psychology.

Details for each of the programmes can now be found online here, which includes an overview of the course, the start dates and duration of each course, content to be covered throughout the programme and the qualifications that can be achieved.

The James Lind Institute and Rushford Business School, based in Geneva, Switzerland, currently have over 10,000 alumni from more than 80 countries, with a completion rate of 95%. They currently have on offer 1,000 courses and above for students across seven different worldwide locations and have been in existence for over 15 years.

Dr Tufail Syed, President of Rushford Business School and James Lind Institute, said: “I am very excited about our partnership with Leeds United College, Longford International College, and the British College of Sport.

“I strongly believe that this partnership will lead to unique and meaningful opportunities for sports professionals and students worldwide. It will also establish a fantastic example of how a leading sports organisation can partner with academic institutions to have a deep impact on education.

“At Rushford Business School and James Lind Institute, we are keenly looking forward to working with our colleagues at Leeds United College and other partnering institutions for the bright future of our students.”

Professor Vincent English FRSA from the Longford International College, added: Education is a powerful force for good. It can free people from poverty. Teach people to help themselves and to prosper. Together with football, these two forces are powerful.

“Our consortium believes in a better world, where education is a right and not a privilege for the few. We believe that everyone should be given a chance to study what they want and to be what they want to be. No one should be left behind, and it is through education and football that we can break down barriers. Through education, we can all make a difference.

For more information or if you are interested in applying for any of the courses available, please click here

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