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MBA Football

Our two-year MBA program is meticulously designed to cater to individuals passionate about the world of football and marketing. The curriculum is structured to provide a solid foundation in the first year, followed by specialized tracks in the second year to cater to specific career aspirations.

Year 1: Core Modules (For All Students)

Strategic Business Management: Dive deep into the intricacies of business strategy, understanding the dynamics of competitive advantage, and strategic decision-making in the global marketplace.

Corporate Finance: Equip yourself with the financial tools and frameworks essential for making informed business decisions, managing capital, and understanding the financial markets.

Strategic HR: Delve into the world of human resources, understanding the strategic role of HR in talent management, organizational culture, and employee engagement.

Innovation Management: Explore the processes of innovation, from ideation to execution, and learn how to foster a culture of innovation within organizations.

Year 2: Specialized Tracks
Choose one of the following tracks based on your career aspirations:

Track 1: Football CEO

Club Operations & Management: Understand the day-to-day operations of a football club, from logistics to fan engagement.

Sports Event Management: Learn the nuances of organizing and managing major sporting events, ensuring smooth operations and maximum fan engagement.

Stadium Management & Infrastructure: Dive into the world of stadium operations, maintenance, and infrastructure development.

Football Economics: Grasp the financial intricacies of the football world, from player transfers to club valuations.

Track 2: Football Agent

Player Representation & Contracts: Master the art of representing football players, understanding contract negotiations, and legal aspects.

Talent Scouting & Development: Learn to identify potential football stars, understand their needs, and nurture their careers.

Football Law & Regulations: Get acquainted with the legal landscape of football, from player transfers to dispute resolutions.

Media & Public Relations in Football: Understand the role of media in football, managing player’s public image, and handling media interactions.

Track 3: Marketing Director
Brand Strategy in Sports: Dive deep into the world of sports branding, understanding fan loyalty, and brand positioning.

Digital Marketing & Social Media in Sports: Harness the power of digital platforms to engage with fans, promote events, and build brand loyalty.

Sponsorship & Partnership Management: Learn the intricacies of securing sponsorships, managing partnerships, and ensuring mutual value creation.

Consumer Behavior & Sports Analytics: Understand the psyche of sports fans, leveraging data analytics to make informed marketing decisions.