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This module is premised on the belief that all

organisations comprises of individuals who, though they may have personal objectives, are able to work collaboratively in pursuit of overall operational and strategic objectives. As such it is vital that there is leadership by those who have vision that provides direction, active followers by those who carry out day-to-day activities that are part of ongoing processes and a sense of ‘order’ in terms of organising every person in a coordinated way to ensure that outputs are optimised. Students will also gain awareness of their own behavioural style and the impact it may be having on peers, employees, clients and their own managers The Diploma in Leadership in Football & Sport is a 8-week programme. It will be a mixture of prerecorded lectures for you to watch in your own time, and a once per week webinar hosted by the lecturer who will take that week’s content. If you wish, you can submit an essay at the end of the course. You will be given a range of topics on which to base you

essay and you have four weeks in which to submit it.



Creativity and innovation are essential for the

development of successful new ventures, and

critical to the survival of existing organisations,

especially in competitive contexts. This module is  designed to introduce students to be creative in the new venture creation process to help them develop more innovative businesses.

The material covered will be research and theorybased. Still, the module will be practice-oriented, with much of the term spent on developing participant-generated new venture ideas that can be launched in the marketplace.

This is a 8 week diploma, which is delivered online and blended. You will be assessed at the end by an evaluation of a fictitious business plan from which you must decide whether or not it is a good investment.



The Executive Coaching Online course has been designed to increase your knowledge of executive coaching and its role in organisational development. It is designed to help you

increase your understanding of how and when to use executive coaching appropriately and grow your skills in planning and carrying out a structured executive coaching programme. This course also offers a fantastic opportunity to

work with a group of like-minded colleagues from different locations around the world and build your professional networks.


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