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Diploma in Business Coaching

Working with chief executives, directors and senior managers is a significant and growing element of coaching. This course explores the practical application of executive coaching and its role in organisations. Students will develop a solid understanding of the role of executive coaching, when and how to use it appropriately and an awareness of legal and ethical considerations.

The course is divided into sections, starting on consecutive weeks. Each week there will be a number of discussion forums and your individual contributions to these will be vital to maximising the benefits that you and your fellow students will take away from this course.

It is important that students practice coaching and receive peer reflections during the process. Please ensure that you set up coaching in pairs with one or more of your colleagues during the online study period. 


The Executive Coaching Online course has been designed to increase your knowledge of executive coaching and its role in organisational development. It is designed to help you increase your understanding of how and when to use executive coaching appropriately and grow your skills in planning and carrying out a structured executive coaching programme. This course also offers a fantastic opportunity to work with a group of like-minded colleagues from different locations around the world and build your professional networks within the field.


Start date: 27 September 2021

Time: 12.00 noon (BST/GMT)

Online learning with one live webinar each week on Friday at 12.00 noon (BST/GMT)

One to one mentoring to help you kickstart your consultancy (3 x 1 hr, or 2 x 1½ hours)*

*Extra mentoring & tutoring can be provided at a discounted rate for graduates.

Students opting for full ECTS Professional Diploma receive 4 complimentary hours.


€650.00 for Professional Certificate

€900.00 for Professional Diploma


This diploma does not come with ECTS credits, but we do recognise completion of it for progression to our MBA Degree.


A new diploma course generally starts every three months. Please contact us if you need specific dates.

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