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Longford College wants to make education accessible to all. From time to time we offer free diploma courses and scholarships to help you achieve your dream of a good eductation. 

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The course is relevant to those interested and involved in the sport and leisure industry eg. coaches, athletes, strength & conditioning professionals, physiotherapists, P.E. teachers, personal trainers etc. The course may also be of interest to business leaders and managers in terms of understanding what drives performance, staff motivation, leadership and team cohesion. The course will examine a broad range of topical issues with the sport and exercise psychology profession through the application of theory and research.


A central purpose of a strategy is to maximise economic performance and ensure the long-term viability of firms. This module focuses on the main theoretical principles that explain firms’ strategy and guide their choices in the creation of competitive advantage. Emphasis will be put on applying these principles, alongside with the concepts, tools and techniques of strategic analysis, to actual company and industry situations through the use of case studies. The module will be practically grounded so that students understand the fundamentals of what makes a company more successful than another.
Creativity and innovation are essential for the development of successful new ventures, and critical to the survival of existing organisations, especially in competitive contexts. This module is designed to introduce students to be creative in the new venture creation process to help them develop more innovative businesses.
The material covered will be research and theory-based. Still, the module will be practice-oriented, with much of the term spent on developing participant-generated new venture ideas that can be launched in the marketplace.
This is a 8 week diploma, which is delivered online and blended. You will be assessed at the end by an evaluation of a fictitious business plan from which you must decide whether or not it is a good investment.


This module is premised on the belief that all organisations comprises of individuals who, though they may have personal objectives, are able to work collaboratively in pursuit of overall operational and strategic objectives. As such it is vital that there is leadership by those who have vision that provides direction, active followers by those who carry out day-to-day activities that are part of ongoing processes and a sense of ‘order’ in terms of organising every person in a coordinated way to ensure that outputs are optimised. Students will also gain awareness of their own behavioural style and the impact it may be having on peers, employees, clients and their own managers

The Diploma in Leadership in Football & Sport is an 8-week programme. It will be a mixture of pre-recorded lectures for you to watch in your own time, and a once per week webinar hosted by the lecturer who will take that week’s content. If you wish, you can submit an essay at the end of the course. You will be given a range of topics on which to base you essay and you have four weeks in which to submit it


The course is relevant to those interested and involved in the study of psychology. You will develop a set of skills highly valued by employers like communication, organisation, critical thinking and resilience. You will gain an understanding of the key principles and dominant perspectives in psychology. You will understand different forms of behaviour and methodically and scientifically analyse it.
The course will discuss psychological theories, research and evidence, and allow you to critically engage as a student.

This Course aims at providing basic principals of psychology that includes meaning, nature and scope of educational psychology, branches and methods of psychology, growth and development, individual, different stages of development, motivation, intelligence, theories of learning memory, forgetting, transfer of learning, factors influencing the development of personality, group dynamics , maladjustment and defence mechanism. The course seeks to equip students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to enable them to effectively address the psychological and counselling challenges to those in need of it. The student teacher can act according to the individual differences and intelligence of the students.

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