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One of the first modern football agents in the UK.

John Viola has three decades of experience in the business and he’s looking to give the next wave a leg up.

There’s few professions in the world that conjure such irrational hate as football agents. The perception of them being money-grabbing leeches, having no discernible skills of their own and leaning on clubs and players for their own leverage, has, thanks to a few high-profile names, never been more readily accepted by fans.

But like anything else, there’s always a few that skew the consensus with their actions and as a result a whole industry of agents who do nothing but act professionally in the best interests of their clients are thrown under the bus.

One man is not only looking to improve the image of agents, but in the absence of any kind of sufficient regulation from FIFA, is looking to open the path for the next generation to do things better – a more ethical, moral approach to player representation.


Since becoming one of the first modern football agents in the UK in 1995, John has brokered many high profile transfers worldwide to exceptional standard.

John is well respected in the industry for his achievements and highly developed skills as an intermediary, he is more than well placed to handle the complexities of transfers, football as a whole and beyond.

Represented World Cup winners
Represented Champions League winners
Broke a UK club’s record transfer fee
Took a Real Madrid player to England