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MBA – Health Management

No limits.


Healthcare is an ever growing sector that offers excellent career opportunities. Health management is about managing various levels of health service from an efficiency and cost effectiveness point of view.


The James Lind Institute and the International Telematic University, UNINETTUNO, Rome, Italy (Università Telematica Internazionale UniNettuno ‘UTIU’) have joined to bring to you an excellent opportunity to earn an Advanced PG Diploma of your choice and a Master of Science degree, a qualification of International repute and acceptance. The programs have been carefully designed in order to provide the required knowledge and expertise to managers, senior managers and those working in leadership positions within the health sector. The masters program stresses on management of health from a global as well as local perspective and incorporates elements from the growing body of knowledge and evidence to allow for comparisons across various geographic regions.

Program Structure
Pathway to earning a Master of Science in Health Management involves 2 stages.

Stage 1: Completion of Advanced PG Diploma
Upon enrollment in this program students will be given a choice to complete any Advanced Postgraduate Diploma from the James Lind Institute. Choosing an Advanced PG Diploma from the healthcare category e.g. Advanced PG Diploma in Healthcare & Hospital Management; Advanced PG Diploma in Tropical Medicine, Surveillance & Immunization; or Advanced PG Diploma in Public Health Research etc. is preferred but not mandatory.

Stage 2: Upgrade to Masters
Upon completion of Stage 1 the student will be transferred to the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, Rome, Italy for pursuing the online Master of Science in Health Management.

The university will accept all credits obtained in Stage 1 for progression to masters degree. James Lind Institute will coordinate the transfer process on behalf of the student with the University.
After transfer to the University the student only needs to complete the following 4 modules (against the normal 10 modules) plus dissertation to complete the Master of Science in Health Management awarded by the prestigious, International Telematic University, UNINETTUNO, Rome, Italy:
– Principles of Health Management (6 Credits)
– Decision Making, Planning and Leadership (6 Credits)
– Information Technology in Health Systems (6 Credits)
– Anthropology and Sociology of Health and Medical Care (6 Credits)
– Dissertation / thesis (24 Credits)

MASTER LEVEL (Stage 2): 90 (Including credits transferred from Stage 1)

How will I be assessed?
Advanced PG Diploma level (Stage 1):
Up to the Advanced PG Diploma level, students will be assessed based on online multiple choice question tests for each lesson, and submission of assignments for each module.

Masters level (Stage 2):
After the student transfers to the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO for upgrade to a Master of Science in Health Management, for each study module the student:
– Submits a written essay. This contributes 30% towards the total final grade of the module.


– undergoes an oral exam / viva (via teleconferencing) OR a written exam (at a place assigned by the University abroad, or in one of University’ s Technological Poles abroad, or in the Italian Embassy in the country where the student lives). This contributes 70% towards the total final grade of the module.
In addition to the above the student also Submits a dissertation (15000 words). The dissertation topic is finalized with the Master’s degree scientific committee only after all applicable study modules have been completed. The dissertation, after it is electronically submitted, is examined orally (via teleconferencing) by professors of the University .

2 Years

90 ects (EQF 7/NFQ 9)




Online and blended.