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MSc – Elite Business Leadership


This Master Degree (MSc) is unique, and the first of its kind the world.
What are the winning mindsets and practices of top-performing CEOs? How do their how to turn unrelenting self-belief into hard-and-fast career results?


Some lessons can be learned from elite performers in sports who have performed and achieved the highest honours in their sports. This programme will provide an insight into proven performance principles that have been used in countless competitive situations. You will engage directly with legends from sports, who will share will you how the strongest minds can emerge triumphant in the biggest stages in the world. The MSc is delivered by academics alongside world-famous winners of the champions league, premier league and the world cup.

Insight’s course is packed with vital information and cutting-edge thinking for top executives, but what makes the experience unique among educational offerings in this space is our boot camp where you will have the opportunity to interact, directly and personally, with top names in sport. There are plenty of events and media products which feature personalities giving talks, but we go way beyond that one-way communication to create a dynamic, interactive environment where you can dig deep inside career experiences, work processes, key learning moments, challenges and get to the heart of their winning mentality.

This isn’t the sportsman’s dinner approach of sitting back and hearing a few funny stories and tidbits of insider gossip over a drink. Nor is it the basic conference Q and A that too often leads to predictable responses. Rather, this is a rare chance, in an off-the-record, personal setting, over two full days, to really question and interact, in an intensive way. To find out the ‘how’ and ‘why’? And get concrete answers that you can apply to your context. It is a chance to understand how top people in sport prepare to win, develop leadership approaches that help create a winning team and how they maintain a constant high-performance approach throughout their organisations.

With access to Insight’s Mike Phelan and Jürgen Klinsmann, you will turn the theory into practice. In the group sessions the aim is to go deep into the dynamics of teamwork and leadership, drawing upon experiences from Mike and Jürgen’s rich and diverse careers. These sessions, created and guided by the academic staff, will test your ability and allow you to tap into the winning mindset. You will have questions that arise from the course and this is the time to put those issues forward and seek answers and ideas from two people who have won at the highest level, under the most intense pressures. These are demanding work sessions but afterwards, over dinner, there will also be the chance for a more personal probe into what makes our sports stars tick.


8 Months


60 etcs EQF (Level 7) NFQ (Level 9)


€25,000 (concessions available)

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Online and blended with weekly webinar sessions with tutor, month sessions with sports legend. 3 day bootcamp in Manchester (Old Trafford if CV-19 restrictions allows)