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Professional Diploma in Athlete Recovery & Regeneration

Professional Diploma in Athlete Recovery & Regeneration


Athlete recovery is a crucial aspect of modern football and sports in general, as the demands of the sport can result in physical and psychological stress leading to fatigue, underperformance, injury, and burnout. To tackle this issue, Longford College and Pillars of Performance are launching a Professional Diploma in Athlete Recovery & Regeneration, starting in MARCH 2023. This online program consists of six pre-recorded and one live session that explores athlete fatigue, its measurement, recovery strategies, and the importance of nutrition and sleep in the recovery process. The program is aimed at coaches and trainers working in a team and individual sports and is suitable for sports science graduates to experienced coaches looking to deepen their knowledge in this specialized area.


This program consists of six pre-recorded one-hour sessions, which participants can access online at their convenience, and one session delivered live online. The programme will begin by exploring athlete fatigue, including the different categories and origins of fatigue, the timeframes involved with fatigue and restoration, and the implications of fatigue on the decline in athlete performance. Following this, the programme will explore the ways in which fatigue is measured and examine the assessment tools used to establish the fatigue: recovery status of the athlete. The programme will then look at the various strategies and systems that can be used to facilitate recovery in an athlete, and to explore how these recovery interventions can be applied as part of a strategic performance development plan. Finally, the programme will examine two of the most important components of the overall recovery programme – nutrition and sleep.


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