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Prof Dip Disruptive Innovation


Prof Dip Disruptive Innovation


Competing in the age of digital disruption

Business is changing faster than ever as more and more creative innovations enter the market and make profound changes. Creative destruction is now coming from Big Tech companies, and more Unicorn start-ups (1 billion Dollars +) are arriving than ever before. The older established Fortune 500 companies are decreasing ever more quickly and are being replaced by Big Tech arrivals. The message for established businesses is clear – catch up quickly or be pushed aside.


We are living in an age of disruption.


Businesses must consider and devise new ways of capturing value. But first, they need to determine where that value is created! Business model innovation may no longer be the way to sustain competitive advantage. Instead, industries are collapsing into larger ecosystems that span the boundaries separating markets. Competitors appear from entirely different industries. For the incumbent business to modify its business model to give better service, more features or offering the best price might not be enough. There have been Tech industries entering new markets.


We need business models that are scalable and agile. This dynamic poses severe challenges for incumbents. Success in this volatile environment requires a thorough understanding of what disruption is, how to deal with it, and, even more importantly, how and when to disrupt others. This programme combines cutting-edge research insights on disruptive innovations and practitioner experiences to navigate this complexity.


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