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Professional Footballers

Education designed for you

You have played in front of large crowds. You have been scrutinised in the press. You have performed where others can only dream of. You are one of the chosen few who become elite in what they do.

Elite does not have to end with your sports career. In fact, you need to be considering the next part of your career after sport and bring with you all the qualities that has made you so special.

Your determination, your focus, your hard work ethic, your ability to deliver under pressure are all qualities that are required to be successful in business and sports management.

You should consider what you will do after sport while you are at your peak. Now is the time to learn. Now is the time to take the best advantage of your peak powers.

Join our courses and enjoy the benefits of a solid and pracademic education with others such as Juergen Klinsmann, César Azpilicueta, Willy Caballero, Petr Cech, Mike Clegg, Oriol Romeu, Bart Caubergh,  Pernille Harder,  Emma Hayes MBE,  Fran Kirby,  Maria Thorisdottir,  Maren Mjelde,  Erin Cuthbert and Karen Carney MBE.

This is one of the things we do best

The college was originally founded to help the transition of current and former players from the game into a life after football. 

What can you study?

We offer specially tailored programmes for professional footballers. You will be in small classes, so that if English is not your first langauge you will be given extra help. You can take a short course (8 weeks) for our certificate and diplomas, or take a one or two year Masters Degree. 


This 8 week course is designed to provide you with a good basic undertanding of the key role played by psychology in sports. 


The course also outlines how and why mental health may be compromised. In identifying issues that may arise, it is intended to empower those who undertake the course to assist others who experience challenges to their mental health and ultimately, facilitate processes that focus on the wellbeing of all concerned exchange involved).


This diploma is premised on the belief that all organisations comprised of individuals who, though they may have personal objectives, are able to work collaboratively in pursuit of overall operational and strategic objectives. Students will also gain awareness of their own behavioural style and the impact it may be having on peers, employees, clients and their own managers


Negotiation is a vital skill and is used in a range of contexts in business and organisational life. In essence, negotiation is the process of making a deal and agreeing on the activities on which it is arranged. Having the required skills as a negotiator means that you will be able to excel at being an interactive communicator and this will enhance your career success.
This diploma programme will provide you with the skills and knowledge to become a better negotiator such that you will be able to engage in the process of bargaining. You will learn how to prepare negotiation strategies, approach complex and team negotiations and options when dealing with difficult situations and be able to cope with interpersonal conflict. You will have the opportunity to discuss your current negotiation challenges and successes and put together action plans for approaching these situations within your workplace

MBA (Executive)

This course is relevant to anyone who wants a prestigious degree in business.The Master of Business Administration (MBA) qualification is now seen as the minimum entry requirement for a career in management and increasingly in the 21st century employers are looking for not only the rigor that is associated with the attainment of the MBA but a specialism for specific functional business areas. We are offering an MBA with flexibility — study with us to achieve a qualification that will change your lives. We are launching an MBA that is delivered 100% online and this allows you study anytime, anyplace and anywhere to fit in with your busy lifestyles. The programme adopts a student centred approach to teaching and learning that will allow you to develop both personally and professionally.


The course is relevant to those interested and involved in the sport and leisure industry e. g. coaches, athletes, strength & conditioning professionals, physiotherapists, P.E. teachers, personal trainers etc. The course may also be of interest to business leaders and managers in terms of understanding what drives performance, staff motivation, leadership and team cohesion. The course will examine a broad range of topical issues with the sport and exercise psychology profession through the application of theory and research.