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Our philosophy is simple! We want to make education, accessible and affordable to everyone. We want to make your education journey enjoyable and profitable. Our approach is pracademic, which means we place equal emphasis on the academic and the practical.

Our students have been amongst the most decorated in the world this year. Students will have captained the champions league winners, those that have won the world cup and have won olympic gold medals. We are not a college that wants to only attract elite performers. We are interested in everyone!

We will be your partner on your journey.

Executive MBA

Our MBA will help you to relate your work experience to business theory. With our pracademic approach, you will apply theory and broaden your understanding of organisations and the increasingly competitive environment in which they operate. The MBA is built on strategy and the goal of strategic management is to attain sustainable competitive advantage. This degree will provide you with tools to enhance your knowledge of business functions, processes, and strategies. The innovative modules will also challenge you to examine your own business practices and management style, and develop your strategic and critical thinking skills.

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MBA for Sports Professionals

Who is this course for? This course is relevant to anyone who wants a prestigious degree in business. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) qualification is now seen as the minimum entry requirement for a career in management and increasingly in the 21st-century employers are looking for not only the rigour that is associated with the attainment of the MBA but a specialism for specific functional business areas. We are offering an MBA with flexibility — study with us to achieve a qualification that will change your life. We are launching an MBA that is delivered 100% online and this allows you to study anytime, anyplace and anywhere to fit in with your busy lifestyles. The programme adopts a student-centred approach to teaching and learning that will allow you to develop both personally and professionally.

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The Doctor of Business Administration

The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is a professional doctorate providing a practical research-based approach to real management issues in real organisations. We adopt what we call a pracademic approach, where the academic is balanced by the practical

You will have the opportunity to blend the latest academic thinking with business knowledge, skills and practice, enabling a significant contribution to the enhancement of professional practice. A DBA is a pracademic version of a PhD and is more suited to those that want to pursue a career in senior business management, or who aspire to be captains of industry. This course is designed to generate new knowledge and understanding, which will contribute to enhancing the policies and practices of modern management.

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MSc Exercise and Sports Psychology

The course is relevant to those interested and involved in the sport and leisure industry eg. coaches, athletes, strength & conditioning professionals, physiotherapists, P.E. teachers, personal trainers etc. The course may also be of interest to business leaders and managers in terms of understanding what drives performance, staff motivation, leadership and team cohesion. The course will examine a broad range of topical issues with the sport and exercise psychology profession through the application of theory and research.

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MSc Adv Sports Performance

This course is designed for Sports and Exercise Science graduates and/or fitness professionals with a minimum bachelor’s degree. It aims to educate students on applied techniques and methods that directly affect results on the pitch, field, track, course, or court by elevating the level at which their athletes perform both physically and mentally.

Taught by elite performance coaches with applied experience in professional sport and experts in the field of performance, students will learn innovative principles and practises utilised by world-class athletes and coaches. The course is led by Adrian Lamb who has worked extensively in the English Premier League with Aston Villa, Newcastle United and Sunderland AFC.

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Professional Diploma in Lean Farming

This diploma programme will provide you with the skills and knowledge to better understand the management of your farming business. You will learn how to focus on improving the efficiency and sustainability of your business through a short four-week course. You will have the opportunity to discuss current business processes, failures and successes on your farm with your fellow course members and how they have overcome challenges, failures and improved processes within their farming business.

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The Coventry University DBA

The Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) programme is cohort-based, with groups of up to 10 candidates mentored throughout their research degree by an expert academic team. Delivered in partnership with Longford College, the DBA is designed for practising managers with the experience and roles to facilitate impactful change within their organisations as a result of their research.

Whilst the programme contains some taught elements designed to enhance your research skills and capabilities, the final award of the Doctorate is based on a portfolio of original research, presented in a thesis.

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Elite Masters (MBA/MSc/MA)

This Masters Degree is unique, and the first of its kind the world. You have multiple pathways from which to choose. You can opt to take three or six modules and gain an exit qualification or proceed to a full masters degee.

What are the winning mindsets and practices of top-performing CEOs?

How do their how turn their unrelenting self-belief into hard-and-fast business impact?

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Professional Diploma in Athlete Recovery & Regeneration

Athlete recovery is a crucial aspect of modern football and sports in general, as the demands of the sport can result in physical and psychological stress leading to fatigue, underperformance, injury, and burnout. To tackle this issue, Longford College and Pillars of Performance are launching a Professional Diploma in Athlete Recovery & Regeneration, starting in MARCH 2023. This online program consists of six pre-recorded and one live session that explore athlete fatigue, its measurement, recovery strategies, and the importance of nutrition and sleep in the recovery process. The program is aimed at coaches and trainers working in team and individual sports and is suitable for sports science graduates to experienced coaches looking to deepen their knowledge in this specialized area.

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Don’t take our word for it – here’s what students say!

One of the best decisions I have made was to do the MBA.


Former Footballer  and now TV Pundit

Since the beginning of the course, I had all the tools to get the most of the course and especially the people involved in it helped me to explore new challenges. The Leadership Course has been very effective and applicable to my personal life and job. Recommended to everybody. Now I am doing the MBA at Longford. 


The MBA is awesome. I have learned more than I could have imagined.


I want to share my feeling doing this course because I think it can be great for a lot of players and also for people around us like staff, physiotherapists, doctors, managers etc. This course brings me the opportunity to learn about something that I love, and it was so easy to follow, the lessons were very interesting, 70 mins per week all connected paying and attention, listen to and discussing a lot of doubts and questions. So I recommend this MBA to everyone to improve your knowledge about this future job or role, and most important because after football we are still young and we are winning time doing the course preparing ourselves a little bit better for this moment.


The MBA is a very important and useful course for any footballer getting ready to leave the game. I found the course interesting and engaging.


Longford International College offers high quality and flexible education opportunities for everyone who is commited to personal and professional development. Personally, I have enjoyed the MBA and Professional Diploma in Sports Law and I can highly recommend these courses courses especially to (former) players and staff members as a perfect investment in life!


Former Al Ahli Saudi FC (Saudi Arabia): 1st Team Assistant Coach, 2021 – 2022
Former Chelsea FC Women (UK): Head of Performance, 2019 – 2021