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Sports Law (Football)


Football Track

This diploma will provide participants with an insight into the dynamic area of sports law, in particular the football industry. The diploma will focus on practical issues as well as some pertinent case law. Key issues around contract law and its applicability to sports professionals and their representatives will be explored.
The use of alternative dispute resolution in football is explored in the context of the court for arbitration and other vehicles of mediation.

The FIFA regulations around the transfer of players, third party ownership and other issues pertinent to staying within the legal requirements are also discussed. The diploma concludes with two connected themes of governance and discipline in football. Disciplinary procedures in football, both internal and external are reviews with the aid of case law and real-world examples.

What you will study

Week 1: What is Sports Law? Lex Sportiva theoretical framework
Week 2: Sports Contracts
Week 3: Anti-doping
Week 4: Alternative Dispute resolution in Sports
Week 5: Football Transfers (FIFA Regulations)
Week 6: Intermediaries – Regulation and Legal Disputes.
Week 7: Governance in Sports
Week 8: Discipline in Football

On completion of this diploma, participants will have:
A comprehensive understanding of the concepts of sports law;
Gain confidence and skills to deal with sports law issues;
An understanding of the key issues to address when representing an amateur/ professional sportsperson;
A good understanding of the technical areas of anti-doping in sport;
Appreciate the necessity of discipline in sport;
Understand the fundamentals of a contract.


Course Leader and Leading Sports Lawyer

Jessie is a multilingual sports industry professional with previous experience at international law firms, FC Barcelona and UEFA. She has a broad understanding of the sports industry not only from a legal but also a business perspective. She has in-depth knowledge of the governance and strategy models of professional football clubs and federations.

Jessie provides legal advice to clients primarily regarding contractual matters (employment, representation, transfer and image rights agreements) and defends her clients’ interests before Spanish courts and international sports tribunals.

Master in Sports Law & Management – ISDE Barcelona
Certificate course in Alternative Dispute Resolution – Columbia Law School, New York
Masters in Legal Practice (with Honors) – Universidad Antonio de Nebrija, Madrid
Bachelor of Laws (with Honours) – Tilburg University, The Netherlands

Dutch, English, Spanish, German, Portuguese.