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Business Negotiation Skills

Who is this course for?

The diploma is designed for anyone who have to engage in negotiations in their work or private lives. For example, the course might appeal to:

Sales and marketing managers
Estate agents
Buying and procurement professionals
Executives in middle and senior management
Team leaders and supervisors
Human resource managers
Contractors in all industries
Teachers and educators
Legal professionals
Members of the Garda Siochana
Sports professionals and trainers
Football and sports agents
Almost everyone who wants to enhance and understand negotiation skills to help their personal circumstances from buying a car to get a pay increase!

Course Aims
Negotiation is a vital skill and is used in a range of contexts in business and organisational life. In essence, negotiation is the process of making a deal and agreeing on the activities on which it is arranged. Having the required skills as a negotiator means that you will be able to excel at being an interactive communicator and this will enhance your career success.

This diploma programme will provide you with the skills and knowledge to become a better negotiator such that you will be able to engage in the process of bargaining. You will learn how to prepare negotiation strategies, approach complex and team negotiations and options when dealing with difficult situations and be able to cope with interpersonal conflict. You will have the opportunity to discuss your current negotiation challenges and successes and put together action plans for approaching these situations within your workplace