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Professor Tony Birch

Our Dean of the business school

Anthony is an experienced university lecturer and business practitioner. Having served in middle management roles for organisations in many diverse industries, Anthony has a particular interest in HRM and Project Management. Before becoming an academic, he was involved in the restructuring of several companies prior to their sale and flotation. Anthony is an expert in TQM and has led teams in diverse manufacturing companies from heavy industry to pharmaceuticals. Anthony is an expert in online learning and is the current director of our MBA programme. Anthony is currently completing his DBA.

MPhil (NTU)
MA in Education (BCU)
MA in Human Resource Development with Distinction (UCE)
MSc in Manager and Organisational Development with Commendation (UCE)
Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies with Distinction (UCE)
Postgraduate Certificate in Management Studies with Commendation (UCE)
Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Higher Education) with Commendation (UCE)
Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Higher Education) (UCE)
Certificate in Online Learning using Blackboard (Ulster)
Integrated Business Technology (IBT II) – OCR
Computer Literacy (CLAIT) – OCR

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) (ongoing)