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Lean Farm Management

Professional Diploma in Lean Farm Management


This diploma programme will provide you with the skills and knowledge to better understand the management of your farming business. You will learn how to focus on improving the efficiency and sustainability of your business through a short four-week course. You will have the opportunity to discuss current business processes, failures and successes on your farm with your fellow course members and how they have overcome challenges, failures and improved processes within their farming business.


The Professional Diploma in Farm Management is an online practitioner education programme, providing participants with the knowledge, know-how skills, and know-why in the fundamentals of business management to offer increased value-added and process improvement in their daily business activities. Over four weeks, you will analyse your current farming processes and operations alongside your fellow course members. You will then focus on improving your existing processes to create a more efficient and sustainable business.


The course will be over the course of four weeks with one hour a week of online pre-recorded lectures. In week two, you will be assessed on completion of a 1,000-word report in which you will analyse your own farming business and areas of improvement on your farm.

In week three, you will be assessed on drawing up a one-week plan to implement solutions to your assessment from week two.

Understanding efficiency and time management
Analysing processes and understanding the benefits of adding process flows to your farm
Process mapping and the use of visual aids to identify areas of improvement
Understanding the benefits your current processes have on the output of your farm (this might be more if it was a live session as opposed to a pre-recorded session)
Prioritising your day and understanding your role

Work-life balance and finding quiet time
Understanding your end goal and how your inputs into your business are helping you achieve your goal
Time management- how it can impact the profitability of your business
Identifying areas of improvement on your farm which could cause waste to your business. This could be in the form of time, staff or inventory
Assessment 1- Identifying and analysing areas of improvement on your farm (1000 word report)

Goal setting and managing interruptions
Business objective setting for short and long term goals
Competitive advantage- Adapting to change
Assessment 3- Utilise issues and areas of improvement from week 2 to draw up a one-week plan to implement solutions

Feedback solutions implemented and their impact on the farming business.


Understanding your role in your farming business
Understanding the concept of time management and increasing efficiency
Understanding work-life balance
Identifying areas of improvement and implementing solutions in your business

On this short four week course, you will be able to implement processes in which you can focus on improving the profitability and sustainability of your business through the analysation of current processes and operations and the implementation of solutions to increase the overall efficiency of your farming business.
On completion of this farm management diploma, participants will have:
A comprehensive understanding of the processes involved in the business of farming, understanding and achieving your end goal, the introduction of process mapping and visual aids to your farming business, identifying and improving areas of waste in your business, objective setting and adapting to change.