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This course is designed to address the needs of those who wish to use the methods of Transformational Leadership in
education contexts. The contexts may be educational settings such as schools or colleges and universities, or in organisations where education forms a significant component, such as hospitals and other healthcare settings. It is intended that participants will apply the theories of Transformational Leadership to their place of work and reflect on the impact in terms of the overall sense of the effectiveness of and for all stakeholders.

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This course is relevant to those interested in the Aviation industry, who would like to have an understanding of the often-overlooked operations involved and most particularly those considering or new to a role in Aviation. The course may also be of interest to those considering further study in Aviation, either at a higher level or in the role of Pilot or Cabin Crew. The course will foster an understanding of the greater team involved in the day-to-day operations of the aviation industry.

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Negotiation is a vital skill and is used in a range of contexts in business and organisational life. In essence, negotiation is the process of making a deal and agreeing on the activities on which it is arranged. Having the required skills as a negotiator means that you will be able to excel at being an interactive communicator and this will enhance your career success.

This diploma programme will provide you with the skills and knowledge to become a better negotiator such that you will be able to engage in the process of bargaining. You will learn how to prepare negotiation strategies, approach complex and team negotiations and options when dealing with difficult situations and be able to cope with interpersonal conflict. You will have the opportunity to discuss your current negotiation challenges and successes and put together action plans for approaching these situations within your workplace

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This course is aimed at teachers, coaches, managers and athletes and all those concerned with any aspect of Sports and Exercise. The focus is on identifying healthy behaviours and attitudes in this area of the personal and professional development of the individual and maintaining them.

The course also outlines how and why mental health may be compromised. In identifying issues that may arise, it is intended to empower those who undertake the course to assist others who experience challenges to their mental health and ultimately, facilitate processes that focus on the wellbeing of all concerned exchange involved).

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Working with chief executives, directors and senior managers is a significant and growing element of coaching. This course explores the practical application of executive coaching and its role in organisations. Students will develop a solid understanding of the role of executive coaching, when and how to use it appropriately and an awareness of legal and ethical considerations.

The course is divided into sections, starting on consecutive weeks. Each week there will be a number of discussion forums and your individual contributions to these will be vital to maximising the benefits that you and your fellow students will take away from this course.
It is important that students practice coaching and receive peer reflections during the process. Please ensure that you set up coaching in pairs with one or more of your colleagues during the online study period. Peer coaching sessions have been scheduled for weeks 3 and 5, detailed below. More information will follow on these as we progress through the course.

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